Chief Financial Officer

Posted: 04/14/2024

Responsible for maintaining corporate ledgers, budget preparation, investment management; supervision of specific line staff under the supervision of the President & CEO. Provides supervision over the business office including Financial Coordinator, Accounts Receivable Coordinator (Medicare/Contracts/EAP), Accounts Receivable Coordinator (Insurance), Accounts Receivable Coordinator (Medicaid), Accounts Receivable Coordinator (GOSH/Title XX) and Accounts Payable Specialist.


Balances Corporate Ledger(s) and Prepares Financial Reports for Allwell Behavioral Health Services (ABHS):

  • Annually, establishes distribution tables for posting to appropriate departments/programs in accordance with ABHS management policy.
  • As needed, establishes payroll posting accounts when staff are hired and/or change positions.
  • Monthly, balances cash receipts journal entries to CareLogic G/L Payment Detail report.
  • Monthly, inputs cash receipts journal entries and CareLogic General Ledger Interface journal entry.
  • Monthly, create and input bad debt journal entry from LWSI and CareLogic G/L Detail reports.
  • Monthly, prepares and inputs appropriate journal entries to correct errors, accrue expenses and accrue revenue in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).
  • Monthly, develops journal entry to allocate direct service payroll via units provided by each provider.
  • Monthly, reconciles cash accounts in compliance with GAAP.
  • Monthly, reconciles each chart of account in accordance with GAAP as driven by corporate budget(s).
  • Prepares monthly financial reports (cumulative production and unit cost report; statement of revenue and expense, budget comparison reports; cash flow reports) in accordance with GAAP and ABHS procedures.
  • Prepares capital report monthly in compliance with ABHS procedure.
  • Annually, prepares ODMH’s required Fiscal Year Actual Cost Report per OAC 5122-26-191.

Invoicing and Fund Source Reconciliation:

  • Monthly, prepares invoices of non-GOSH service billings and submits to Muskingum Area Mental Health & Recovery Services (MHRS) Board.
  • Monthly, reconciles MHRS Board fund source balances to report prepared by the MHRS Board Financial Coordinator.

Original and Revised Fiscal Year Operating Budgets for Allwell Behavioral Health Services:

  • Annually, develops expenditure projections, revenue projections, projected service delivery by staff and cost per unit in accordance with both OAC 5122-26-19 and ABHS’s P&P No. 4.0002. Budget development involves input from County and Program Directors and senior management.
  • Annually, prepares Original and Revised Budgets’ Operating Plan Comparison Reports for submission to ABHS’s Board of Directors for action.

Investments of Allwell Behavioral Health Services:

  • Plans investment maturity schedule to allow for adequate cash flow in compliance with ABHS board policy.
  • As needed, contacts banks for current interest rates and makes recommendation to supervisor for suitable investment in accordance with ABHS board policy.
  • Ongoing, maintains log of investments and interest earned as observed by supervisor.
  • Daily, monitor bank accounts via online banking. Record ACH deposits and forward list of deposits to appropriate staff for posting to client accounts.
  • *Annual Form 5500 Preparation and Filings for Allwell Behavioral Health Services:
  • Annually, prepares ABHS Gainsharing Plan year end census data, contribution recommendation and contribution distribution and submits to Pension Plan administrator for discrimination testing and posting to individual accounts, and reviews the Form 5500 for accuracy.
  • Annually, prepares and files Form 5500 for ABHS Group Health Plan, ABHS Disability Plan, ABHS Vision Plan and ABHS Group Dental Plan.

Allwell Behavioral Health Service Audits: Audits include Fiscal Year ABHS Financial and Compliance Audit and Actual Unit Cost Report Review, both as required by O.A.C. and ABHS’s Pension Plan Audit as required by Department of Labor.

  • Annually, prepares preliminary audit worksheets as reported by audit firm.
  • Annually, prepares requested account analysis worksheets as reported by audit firm.
  • As needed, copies specifically requested information as reported by audit firm.
  • Annually, attends audit wrap-up meeting with audit representatives, ABHS management and, as requested, with Board of Directors as outlined in Board policy.
  • Annually, maintains ABHS DUNS Numbers and Dun and Bradstreet annual filing.
  • Annually, files Allwell Behavioral Health Services audited financial report with Dun & Bradstreet and Huntington National Bank.

Supervise and manage the functions of accounts payable, accounts receivable, and client services billing and collections.

  • Ongoing, supervises the Business Office staff that performs the specific functions.
  • As needed, respond to billing questions from all staff.
  • As needed, pay Spectrum cable bills online using American Express charge.
  • As needed, assists Financial Coordinator with proposals and formulate recommendation to President & CEO on purchase of capital items.
  • Monthly, assist Financial Coordinator with preparation of Balanced Scorecard for Senior Management review.
  • Annually, reviews Form 1099 filing information.
  • Daily, reviews all accounts payable vouchers for coding accuracy on a daily basis.
  • Monthly, reviews and audits accounts receivable reports.
  • As needed, reviews and processes client refunds.

Supervises Financial Reports for Residential Resources, Inc.

  • As needed, assist Financial Coordinator with the preparation of the financial reports for Residential Resources, Inc.
  • As needed, respond to questions from the Financial Coordinator.

Supervises preparation of Residential Resources Fiscal Year Operating Budgets:

  • Annually, monitors development of expenditure projections and revenue projections in accordance with the US Department of Housing & Urban Development guidelines by the Financial Coordinator.
  • Annually, presents the RRI Fiscal Year Operating Budget to the RRI Board of Directors for action.

Residential Resources Reviews:

  • Annually, assists with information gathering for the Management & Occupancy Review conducted by Assisted Housing Services Corporation on behalf of the US Department of Housing & Urban Development.
  • Maintains RRI DUNS Number.

Supervise RRI collection of tenant data:

  • As needed, assist Financial Coordinator with input of tenant data to the FHA Software system for HUD vouchering.
  • Monthly, review HUD vouchers prepared and submitted by the Financial Coordinator.
  • Must posses a minimum of Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Business or Finance.
  • Minimum 5 years experience.
  • Must be proficient with calculator and computer applications.
  • Must possess strong organizational skills.
  • Must be knowledgeable of current state and federal budgetary and financial reporting requirements.
  • Exercises extensive judgment in performing duties that require comprehension of procedures and guidelines that are complex and often difficult to decipher due to legal language.
  • Requires independent decision-making.
  • Support and supervision is available from supervisor.
  • Familiar with monitoring a variable and complicated process and providing complex explanations to others that require prior thought and analysis.

Apply directly on our website:
Allwell Behavioral Health Services provides high quality services to the communities of Coshocton, Guernsey, Morgan, Muskingum, Noble, and Perry Counties since 1958. We pride ourselves on the difference we make in the community and our clients’ lives. By joining the Allwell team, you can expect to be a key player in our life changing efforts.
Allwell offers opportunities for personal growth, and career diversity. Allwell's mission is to help people feel better, think more clearly, make good decisions, and have healthy relationships. This applies to our clients as well as our employees. Allwell provides a family-like environment with team members who support each other’s successes professionally and personally. We care about our employees. We offer competitive wages with opportunities for bonuses, paid holidays, sick leave, and vacation, staff development which includes in-house CEU opportunities, and a comprehensive benefits package that includes retirement, health, dental, vision, life, and limited liability insurance.
Allwell is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


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