20% Off First Training Session

Offer Valid: 05/01/2020 - 05/01/2025
20% OFF
20% off your Company's first training session with DHRS

We deliver in-person, hands-on and interactive training workshops to better equip you and your employees to work effectively and efficiently in the modern workplace.

Let’s face it—online HR training might check the compliance boxes, but online learning often fails to deliver a lasting impact.

It takes well presented, in-person HR training to actually change the minds and habits of your managers, supervisors, and employees. The result? Lasting, transformative change in your company culture.

Bringing in an outside expert has outsized benefits. HR issues are sometimes quite sensitive, and we bring 25 years of broad HR experience to your company. Because we’re not in a management or an HR position at your company, we’re ideally positioned to deliver workshops that cut through the noise to effect real, measurable change on even the most entrenched HR problems you face.

Our primary background is in manufacturing and construction. We know that not everyone works 8–5.  Training sessions can be scheduled anytime that suits your schedule, including middle of the night or on any shift.

Most of our sessions are designed to be 2-3 hours long; we are flexible to combine, shorten, or expand sessions to meet your training needs.

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