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Davis Architectural Group is a regionally recognized architectural firm providing quality planning, design, and construction administration services since 1983. DAG's portfolio consists of Commercial, Educational, Governmental, Industrial and Healthcare projects. DAG's vast experience gives us the knowlege base for many project types and a clear understanding of a client's expectations.

Our 25 years of service to Eastern Ohio is a testimonial to the stability and strenght of Davis Architectural Group. DAG has established itself as a leading regional firm providing quality architectural services throughout Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, and surrounding states.

Davis Architectural Group built its reputation on small to medium sized projects. We have not forgotton our roots and still seek to provide quality architectural service to our clients for the smallest of projects. As the firm has grown DAG has developed the resources necessary to successfully complete numerous multi-million dollar designs which include entire district-wide cosntruction projects. With our diverse experience, we are able to assist our clients with all their projects - whether large or small.

Davis Architectural Group provides quality Architectural Services that result in creative, functional designs, which have a lasting impact on their surrounding environment. Our success is achieved through dedication and teamwork as we develop relationships with our clients and communities to understand and meet thie unique needs.


  • Celebrating 25 years in Business.
  • One of the largest firms in Eastern and Southeastern Ohio.
  • Vast Project Experience - large and small.
  • At DAG, we believe in the Client/Architect relationship.
  • Top Priority - to provide professional service with the expertise needed.


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