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We specialize in personalizing granite and bronze monuments. Your memorial can have a color or B/W ceramic portrait or a laser landscape/portrait collage design made from pictures you choose. We also have landscapes and other photo scenes that may be of interest to you. You can also add poems, bible scripture, wedding dates, family member names or other important memories or information about your loved one on their headstone.

We can match or suggest a design that will complement another family's headstone that is already in the cemetery.

We also add date of death to grave markers and do repair work, if repairable. We will also clean a tombstone that has been abused by its environment.

Mudgett's Monuments can also help you design a public memorial to honor veterans or remember a special event or person.

If you have a business and need a sign that will grab someone's attention, we can design that too.

We also offer flexible payment plans, if needed.


  • We make Granite and Bronze Memorials
  • We have a large indoor and outdoor display area
  • Unique and personalized designs can be made for you...Just ask us.
  • Cash discounts, senior discounts and financing available


Glass Inlay on a granite Monument
Glass Inlay on a granite Monument
Upright monument
Slant monument
Upright monument with black and white ceramic picture
Broze Memorial example
Bevel example
Matt Brown bronze plaque at Philo Soccer field

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