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Roy & Marilyn Higgins started Higgins Lumber in 1957. Roy Higgins, a Navy veteran of World War II, decided when he came home from the war that he would start his own business. He purchased his own truck, bought product from local potteries, & drove it south where it could be sold at a profit, & then purchased lumber in the south & trucked it back to his home town, Roseville, Ohio, where it could be sold for profit. Roy & Marilyn Higgins expanded the business through the years from one 60 X 60 block building in 1957 to a 5,000 square foot office space & numerous large warehouses on site. Roy passed away in late 2011, leaving the business to Marilyn. She continued to run Higgins Lumber, with her daughter & son. In 2013, Marilyn & daughter Cindy retired & son Bob took over operations. Marilyn passed away in June of 2014. In August of 2014, Bob passed after a short battle with cancer. In January of 2015, Bob’s daughter & son-in-law, Lacey & Andrew Geyer seized an opportunity to continue the Higgins Lumber Company legacy & become third generation owners. There is a saying… “they don’t build ‘em like they used to.” In many cases, that is true but Higgins Lumber is different. We provide materials & service that enable “them to be built like they used to.” Andrew, Lacey, & the Higgins Lumber team are committed to our local community, to the Higgins family, & providing quality materials & education to allow our customers to “build ‘em like they used to!”


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