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About Us

Goodcity Community Development Corp was formed for the purpose of providing underserved youth and families with opportunities to engage with the arts, technology, and the gospel! Our desire is to open up a world of possibilities through our programs that are purposed to help young people and families envision a future full of hope and promise, and then for them to make choices that align with that future. A faith-based organization, our values guide our decisions, practices, and approach to service. Our programming includes arts (including music) & technology education, job & personal skill development, and scholastic support where able. Our vision is to see young people (students and parents) grow to become optimistic leaders who are catalysts for change, and our community transformed and vibrant with life.

We are particularly interested in increasing arts & STEAM access, enhancing literacy learning through art, connecting students and families to their faith,and fostering community partnerships. We are currently offering FREE summer art programs (Art In the Park and our Digital Art Camp), Free In program learning at afterschool programs, ongoing afterschool partnerships with tailored learning, outreach event activities, and other free or low-cost art sessions. If you'd like to learn how we can partner with your organization to foster ''good'', please reach out!

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