Police Officer Lateral

Job Title
Police Officer - Lateral
Closing Date/Time
$29.11 - $35.24 Hourly
$60,548.80 - $73,299.20 Annually
Job Type
Full Time
Zanesville, Ohio
Police Investigations
Position Description  Benefits 



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Zanesville Police Department is currently accepting applications for Lateral Transfers!

  2024 2025 2026
Police 4% 4% 4%
Probationary $29.11/hr $30.27/hr $31.48/hr
Top Pay $35.24/hr $36.65/hr $38.12/hr

** Probationary period is the period starting from the date of hire and continuing for 2080 hours after completion of Field Training Program. per FOP Contract  section 6.1**

Applicants are required to read the Public Safety Information Book prior to application. This booklet is available by clicking here.


In order to be considered for a Lateral Position applicants must be Ohio Police  Officer Training Academy (OPOTA) Certified and currently employed at an Ohio law enforcement agency as a  sworn law enforcement officer, part-time/full-time.  Check the following to see if you qualify:


                            - Must be a US Citizen 21 years of age or older

                           - Possess High School Diploma, GED, or Equivalent

                           - Possess a Valid Driver's License

                           - Currently a full-time or part-time law enforcement position

                          - Law Enforcement Officer with a minimum of 1 year experience

                         - Currently in an approved pension system

Pass a series of assessments:

                           - Background Check

                          - Polygraph Exam

                          - Psychological Exam

                          - Physical Exam

Compensation & Benefits:

                           - Salary based on years of prior service

                           - Paid holidays, vacation, personal days, & sick days

                           - Uniform Allowance

                          - Excellent Health Coverage ( medical, dental, vision, prescription)




Please use this link to apply:


Documents to upload:
1. Drivers license copy (required)
2. Resume(optional)
3. Other relevant certificates(optional)
4. DD214 (if applicable)
5. Copy of OP & F or OPERS statement with Credit hours

Position Qualifications

An appropriate combination of education, training, course work and experience may qualify an applicant to demonstrate required knowledge, skills, and abilities. An example of an acceptable qualification is: High School Degree, GED or equivalent and law enforcement training from Ohio Peace Officer’s Training Academy. Ability to pass background check.

Ability to document identity and employment eligibility within three (3) days of original appointment as a condition of employment in compliance with Immigration Reform and Control Act requirements.

Licensure or Certification Requirements

Certification from Basic Police Officer Training School; State Motor Vehicle Operator’s License.

Distinguishing Job Characteristics

Under direction, serves citizens, maintains law and order and preserves peace within City of Zanesville.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to satisfactorily perform each essential duty listed below. Reasonable accommodations will be made for disabled persons, covered by the Americans With Disabilities Act, in accordance with its requirements.

Patrols assigned area, on foot or in police vehicle, to serve citizens and enforce governing laws and city ordinances. Serves general public, offers assistance and maintains good public relations.

Conducts business and residential checks, and deters and detects unlawful activity. Seeks abnormal conditions, inspects premises, checks suspicious persons and vehicles, and provides viable law enforcement presence. Maintains lookout for wanted persons or property, and maintains surveillance in problem areas.

Responds to and handles alarms and calls. Apprehends and arrests suspects in violation of laws and ordinances.

Acts as peace officer in situations requiring intervention and mediation such as fights, family disturbances, neighbor disputes, and other matters. Handles citizen complaints concerning disturbances, juvenile problems, loud parties, and other problems.

Conducts criminal and accident investigations. Collects and identifies evidence and questions victims and witnesses. Prepares evidence for presentation in court, and testifies in court proceedings.

Directs traffic, and enforces traffic and parking laws. Gives warnings and issues traffic citations. Reports hazardous traffic conditions and abandoned or damaged vehicles and assists stranded motorists.

Attends parades and other public gatherings and maintains order in crowds. Provides funeral and security escorts.

Serves subpoenas.

Summons medical help and provides first aid as necessary.

Completes arrest, criminal, accident and other police reports, and maintains daily activities log.

Maintains and improves individual police knowledge and skills. Participates in training programs and conferences to learn new or revised regulations, policy or procedure. Maintains current knowledge of laws and ordinances governing city. Learns effective use of equipment and investigative aids, and maintains skill in safe and effective use of firearms.

Transports suspects and witnesses to police headquarters, jail, court, and other locations.

Other Duties and Responsibilities

May be assigned to k-9 unit. Handles and takes care of police dog, and maintains current working knowledge of dog handling requirements and court decisions.

May be assigned as SRO Officer. Teaches SRO in schools and promotes drug awareness.

Scope of Supervision


Equipment Operated

Cruiser; radio; handgun, shotgun and other duty weapons; chemical agents and other defensive weapons; stop stick; computer; Breath Alcohol Content Verifier; flares; animal snare; radar and laser units; handcuffs and other restraints; other police equipment; telephone.

Contacts with Others

General public; Sheriff Deputies; Fire Department; Ambulance Services; Dog Warden; Children Services and other social service agencies; victims, witnesses, suspects and convicted criminals; Municipal Court Judge; Prosecutor, Law Director, Defenders and other attorneys; County Coroner; Mental Health and hospital personnel; juvenile court officials.

Confidential Data

LEADS/NCIC information; criminal case investigation reports; covert operations.

Working Conditions

Occasional exposure to heat, cold, dampness, fumes, noise, dirt, and dust and other inclement weather or other conditions. Occasionally exposed to extremely unpleasant situations or conditions inherent within police work. Occasionally exposed to life-threatening or other dangerous situations including injury and resulting stress. Occasional exposure to bodily fluids, lice, and to TB, hepatitis, HIV and other medical conditions.

Usual Physical Demands

The following physical demands are typically exhibited by position incumbents performing this job’s essential duties and responsibilities. These physical demands are not, and should not be construed to be job qualification standards, but are illustrated to help the employer, employee and/or applicant identify tasks where reasonable accommodations may need to be made when an otherwise qualified person is unable to perform the job’s essential duties because of an ADA disability.

While performing duties of this job, the employee will frequently enter and exit cruiser, and will sit in a cruiser for extended periods of time. The employee will occasionally have to physically control persons of varying weights and strengths, and exert a great deal of physical effort for normally short periods. The employee must exhibit good eye/hand coordination when firing a weapon. The employee normally uses usual vision demands. The employee normally must be able to converse verbally in a professional manner with general public, and to hear.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Knowledge of: law enforcement procedures and requirements; Federal, State and Local laws; criminology; search and seizure laws; law enforcement safety precautions and procedure.

Ability to: react with sound judgement and courage in dangerous situations; maintain and promote good public relations as city representative; maintain confidentiality of confidential and sensitive subject matter; develop and maintain effective working relationships with associates, general public, other law enforcement personnel; social service agency representatives and others; recognize unusual or threatening conditions and take appropriate action; deal sensitively with persons of varying cultures and diversity; work independently; determine appropriate situations for use of force and pursuit.

Skill in: writing police reports; use of firearms and other weapons; use of BAC verifier, radar units, and other police equipment; defensive driving; self defense and use of force; mediating and peacefully resolving conflicts; interviewing and communicating with general public; controlling prisoner behavior; first aid and CPR.



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