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Myths about white collar crime
COLUMBUS, Ohio – Usually theft is pretty cut and dry: If a person takes something that doesn’t belong to them, it’s stealing and the person could be prosecuted for their crime.
You may think that most thefts occur in retail stores or as the result of home invasions or car break-ins – and you would be right. However, an increasing number of thefts are happening in a more unlikely setting: The workplace.
White collar is a serious offense. While many people may only think of extortion, racketeering and insider trading as white collar crimes, in fact this category includes actions like identity theft, mortgage fraud, intellectual property theft, insurance fraud, forgery and tax evasion – crimes that happen every day in small, rural towns as well as large urban areas.
Brian Joslyn, founder and managing partner at Joslyn Law Firm in Columbus, said it’s common for individuals who have been prosecuted for these types of crimes to not even be aware that they were involved in an illegal operation or were not the person directly responsible for the theft. Unfortunately, that will not change the circumstances of an arrest.
“Regardless of the reason you were charged with a white collar crime, it's very important to hire a criminal defense attorney,” he said. “Some white collar crime may seem harmless, but consequences are still severe.”
Some people engage in white collar crime because they believe they are clever enough not to get caught. That could not be further from the truth, said Joslyn. Here are a few other myths about white collar crimes:

  • They are easier to get away with. While that may have been true in the past, as computers, security measures and surveillance tools have become more sophisticated, these crimes are more readily identified and persecuted than in the past.
  • They only happen during bad financial times. It’s true that when times are tough, employees may embezzle a few hundred dollars to make ends meet. However, when the economy is booming, white collar crime continues to thrive as people feel pressure to “keep up with the Joneses” by appearing more affluent than they actually are.
  • That only low-level employees are the perpetrators. As insurance and Medicare fraud continue to soar, the fact is many doctors, office managers and other professionals are involved in these crimes.
  • That these crimes only happen at affluent businesses. While it may be easier to take a few dollars here and there at large corporations, white collar theft occurs at all levels, including non-profit organizations where volunteer treasurers have been arrested for stealing money from youth sports teams.
If you've been charged with a white collar crime, the experienced criminal defense team at Joslyn Law Firm is ready to help. The law team can also handle cases for retail theft, traffic violations, juvenile charges, OVI/DUI offenses, probation violations and bench warrants.
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