Muskingum County Board of Developmental Disabilities

Muskingum County Board of Developmental Disabilities



About Us

People with developmental disabilities and their families are the center of our work. We partner with care providers in Muskingum County to ensure that individuals are receiving the supports that help them maximize their potential. We use resources creatively and responsibly to build a community that cares about and contributes to the quality of life of its fellow citizens who have developmental disabilities.


Intervention Specialist
Category: Education
Intervention Specialist - A 183-day position teaching students in a multiple disabilities classroom. Teaches school-age students with developmental disabilities by evaluating and determining student needs and creating Individual Education Plans designed to help students accomplish personal, vocational, educational, developmental, and social skills with an emphasis on self-help and independence. more
Contact: Melinda Russell
Phone:(740) 453-4829
Fax:(740) 455-4186

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