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One-on-one coaching to help you redesign your life to meet your health and fitness priorities.

Goal oriented plans for healthy eating, weight loss, managing chronic diseases, and personal fitness.


A 12-week program where you will learn the Healthy Eating and Exercise Daily (HEED) principles and apply them to your daily life.

Introductory session where you will receive your HEED book, have your initial assessment including BMI, blood pressure, cardiovascular disease risk profile, biometric measurements and readiness to change evaluation.

Daily log forms for food intake and physical activity will be used to track your current eating and exercise patterns.

Personal goals and rewards will be mapped out after your current habits are analyzed and you determine your health, fitness and weight loss priorities.

Weekly sessions will include learning about balanced nutrition, exercise for body composition change, grocery shopping, identifying barriers to exercising and eating right, managing time and stress, healthy cooking and eating out, tackling ?triggers? and staying motivated!


If you have struggled with your weight, or yo-yo dieted for years...YES!

If your doctor has told you that your blood pressure, cholesterol or weight is too high and you need to eat healthy and exercise to get them under control...YES!

If you want to make lasting, lifestyle changes to look and feel your best...YES!

If you want an eating plan which you can live with, which is not based on points, shakes, or depriving yourself...YES!


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